What others are saying...


“You are really good, I never felt anything. I’m sending my wife and friends in”. – Bill S.

“Dr. Ross takes the “going to the dentist” out of going to the dentist”. – Jack K.

“It was just a dream! It was just ridiculous! It was great! It was beautiful work! I don’t remember anything!” – Judy K. – After sedation and smile makeover.

“I’m so glad I found you, no one has ever sat down with me and explained all the options, you are so worth the extra time and money.”. – Mary G.

“I don’t remember anything, I remember going back there then waking up in my bed”. – Karen S.

“I’m so tickled, they feel so natural, they are so beautiful. You did an amazing job, THANK YOU”. – Jeff G.

“Thank you for being so much more than a Dentist. Having you work on my teeth has been a truly positive experience.”

Terribly frightened when I first came to you, I never believed that I would be where I am today. From childhood, I have been embarrassed about my smile. In adulthood, I did not want to meet my husbands friends for fear that they would see my teeth if I smiled. I had difficulty eating due to all of my cavities. My gums and teeth became inflamed and infected over the slightest thing. No matter how long or careful I brushed them, my teeth did not feel clean.

I cannot thank you enough for the gentle encouragement and time that it has taken to teach me how to take care of my teeth and gums. The time investment that you have made to designing a smile that is beautiful and practical, not to mention, helping me over my hurdle of fear.

I truly appreciate the immaculate dentistry that you have provided to me. Once again, you are so much more than a Dentist, you are my friend.” – D.M.

“Wow…I can’t tell which one is the porcelain one” – Mike P.